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Return to Strength Festival Vol.3 2013


Bands: Rule of thumb, I Am RevengeSeconds of Peace, Blackstone, Rise from Above, Drown in Your Blood, CFF, Lazare, Bravestar, Cold Existence, Fallbrawl, Crowd Deterrent, Risk It, Nasty, Done
Wolfpack, DCA, Dirty Fingers, Ablaze, Countdown, Malevolence, Diction, Coldburn, Desolated, Blood By Days, The Setup, Ninebar, Embraced By Hatred, No Zodiac, Providence, Bun Dem Out, Final Prayer
Datum: 31.05.-01.06.2013
Ort: Festivalgelände Querfurt, Obhäuser Weg 4, 06268 Querfurt
Preis: VVK 27,50€, AK 35€